Adding multiple triggers on one slide

Hi, I am trying to create a coloring activity where I want to choose a color and then click on multiple boxes to color them. I am using change of state leading to colored layers. Each box is assigned with a different color in each layer.  

When I publish the activity, the trigger ends after the first click. i.e. I choose the color black and then choose the first object. The black box appears but the activity stops. I cant select box 2 and others. 

Any suggestions on where I might be going wrong?

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Matthew Bibby

Hard to say without seeing how you've set it up. Are you able to share your .story file? It could be that your layers are set to 'Prevent the user from clicking on the base layer' or it may be that you have a transparent image background or something that's interfering.

Here's how I'd approach it:

  • Add your boxes to the slide and create different states for each one that represents the possible colors.
  • Then add your color picker and set it up so that when the user clicks on the red (for example) that will change the variable 'color' to 'Red'.
  • Then add triggers to each of your boxes that say 'Change state of box to Red when clicked if variable color is equal to Red'
  • Repeat as needed.

This way you won't need any layers and it shouldn't take too long to set up thanks to the magic that is copy and paste :)

Hope that helps!

Fazal Khan

Hi Matthew
Thank you for your detailed response.

Attached is the storyline file. On slide 2 , I want to select the color and
then click on either of the sea creatures to color them. At the moment I
only have triggers for the crocodile and dolphin (black). The triggers wont
work after the first attempt.


Fazal Khan

Ok thanks Matthew. I have attached a jpg. I want to create a colouring activity. The child should be able to select a Color and click the animal to Color it. 

The shapes of animals are complex. Tried "change of state" but the selection of shape outline is not accurate hence I don't get good quality. 

Any suggestions ? 

Fazal Khan

I managed to create a simplified version of the coloring activity. The user has options to choose from 3 colors via buttons. Each button triggers the appropriate slide. While this method works with fewer colors, but must be a more efficient way to make a coloring activity with more colors. 

Attached is a file for your reference. Please refer to slide 1.2

Walt Hamilton

Click on a color. then any shape you click on is colored that color.

I used the recolor function to create states.

The crocodile changes to all the colors and all of the others change to red and white.

Copy the triggers to the others and they will change colors, the states are already there.

I thought some about making a rainbow for the selection device, but decided that was too much work :)

Fazal Khan

Thanks Walt. It is wonderful !

Could you please tell me how you created the different colored states? Like, for example for the crocodile you created states of all the different colors. When I click on to create a new state, it just creates a white state. how do I change its color?