Adding multiple Resource files in one step

Mar 29, 2017

Hi everyone, I've done a quick search for an answer but no luck maybe someone here has an idea.

My question is around getting lots of files into the Resource "library" at once.

So, if you're adding files, you need to upload one at a time. I'm adding like 100 at a time, and am facing the possibility of having to do this across 5 unrelated presentations, so not fun. I don't have Dropbox as an option currently or some place to point external users to instead of Resources.

Any ideas?

I haven't tried this yet, but understand that when you publish a presentation, the Resources end up in their own folder and you can make links to them instead of using the Resource tab itself (something I caught on in this community). I'm assuming that adding files there after the fact isn't going to work...for example, I write the hyperlink pointers first, publish, dump all the files into that folder after, and I'm set...make sense?






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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Blair, 

I think you're referring to the directions here on how to link to files that appear in the Resource section of the player. 

I can't think of a way to add more than one file at a time, but you could definitely give the method you wrote out here a try and see how it behaves? It's not something I can offer support for, but it's worth a try! 

Blair McMillen

Thanks for the reply – I actually did review that same item right after I posted and that was a major help.

 I did find a handy workaround for getting lots of files into resources at once. I created my presentation and just added one file via Resources to ensure that the “external_files” folder would be there. However, I didn’t upload my files using the Resource tab in the Player setup. (That’s the part that would take someone forever.)

 What I did instead was, in the presentation, I used the hyperlink model as above, and pointed the hyperlink to a file that wasn’t yet in the external_files folder at the time. I just copied and pasted this:


Since I had to recycle this hyperlink command a lot, I found it easier to put in the generic code first, then circle around to edit whatever was 'insert'  Also, I put in that # item to open the PDF reference to a specific page.

 When I published the production, I went into the output files, went into the story_content/external_files folder, and dropped a bunch of things in there, including the items I had linked to. It worked!

 It’s helpful, because my production references a number of specific Resource files as links, but also contains a lot of extra ones so the user has access to the whole library. When you have like 10 links, but 100 total files, putting stuff in the folder later is really handy.