Adding narration to Storyline

I am working a project where I created an i Pad template with 12 icons. When the learner clicks the icon they will read and listen to the content. All the icons work fine but now I want to add the narration and can't see to get the hang of this. I want the learner to click the icon, be taken to the layer (which works) and listen to the narration. Is there something I can do to ensure that the learner has clicked all 12 icons? Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

Vin Santilli

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Bill Harnage

You can put the individual audio on layers.

From there you could create custom boolean variables w/ a default of false.  At the end of each layers timeline you change the variable to true.

Whatever button it clicked to continue the course you would put triggers with conditions to check that all vars are set to true.  If they are, the user can move on.

The caveat w/ this method is if you want the user to try everything again, you'll need to create a trigger at some point that resets the vars to false.