Adding Points to Game

I am trying to add a certain amount of points to my game for the player to view as they go along.  I am not sure what I am doing wrong.  I set up the "Score" variable (as a number variable) and I am using triggers to connect adding point to the score based on how many points they used in the question.  However, the score doesn't update on the main game board page.

A side note, the "Play" button on the first slide keeps showing on the layer where the game instructions are, I'm not sure how I get this to stop showing up.  I have hide the base layer but it still shows up.

I have attached the file so you may see what I am seeing.


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Christie Pollick

Hi, Wanda -- Thanks so much for reaching out with your question! It looks like a similar question may have been asked over here in this thread so you may want to give the suggestions offered a shot. Also, for additional design input, you would be welcome to post your question over in our Building Better Courses forum, as well. 

I'll take a look at your file to see if I am able to address the issue you are having with the Play button momentarily, and I will respond here with my findings as soon as possible. 

Bob Kaart

Hi Wanda,

I had a look at your project file. I fixed them for you, and see below a few more tips!

  • You were super close to the solution, it was just a matter of putting the "adjust variable score + 3" trigger in the right order. The way triggers work, is that they will execute the top one on the list first, then work its way down. So if you have, "hide layer" or "jump to other slide" triggers executing before your variable score trigger, chances are, that it won't work! Solution: Put the score trigger on the very top! 
  • Play button: I noticed you used a trigger to let the program know that if a user hover's their mouse over the play button, that it goes to the "Hover" state. Articulate has a build in Hover state which does this behavior by default, so there is no need to make triggers for them. Now because you had the mouse over trigger on your additional layer as well, it triggered the play button to play the hover button, even though it was hidden underneath, on the base layer. This caused it to show on top of your "Start Game" button.
  • Last thing, I have not edited these out, of my example below, but i noticed on the correct/incorrect layers that you have a "Jump to next slide" trigger, additionally to a specific "jump to gameboardxx" trigger. As you're using direct linking, i'd suggest you take out the jump to next slide trigger, to decrease to chance of errors happening.

I've attached the fixes, hope this helps, and a happy new year!

Bob Kaart

Hi Wanda,

Like Walt suggest, one of the solutions would be by jump to question slide when audio completes. a complete trigger would look like

jump to question 1 slide,
when media completes gamestart_ogg,
if star 1 is selected


The "if star xx is selected" part is important, without it, it would jump to pretty much all slides when the media completes(as it's only 1 media file we are dealing with).

If you made all the triggers for all the question slides like the above, the only thing that's left to do is giving each star a trigger to make the audio file play, on click

See attached for an example