Adding quiz questions - Template issue

There was an earlier question about this issue but I'm still having to modify the format (font sizes, placement of text, etc.) and am hopeful there is a better solution than suggested some time ago.  Result is lots of extra time and effort.

Issue: adding a quiz question to a new storyline course and having the template be one I've used on an earlier course, not the one I'm using now to develop this course.

How can I add questions and continue using the course's template and master without signficant manual effort?

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diane clark

Hello Emily,

I think I've found a solution - I hope I haven't created more work for myself in the future but...

What I did was delete the other templates that were coming up from the Slide Master so that it's only the template I want to use for this course.  It seems to be working OK now.

Thanks for your response!  It triggered me to try something I had not done yet.