Adding "Record Screen" to dfferent layers

Jul 25, 2014

I am creating 3 steps tutorial on how to perform a function in a particular piece of software. Instead of creating 3 separate slides, I want to create one slide with 3 layers (one step per each slide). A step, in my case, is me recording a screen in the software and then adding to my tutorial. When I try to insert screen, I can only insert it to a new slide/scene, but not a layer in a slide. Any ideas?


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Meryem M

Hello Kevin, welcome to the community!

If you are sure you want to use layers instead of separate slides, and you have a simple three step procedure, you might be able to do it more simply with screen captures (image files) rather than recording the screen. Storyline has an Insert->Screen Capture utility. Then add the image file, your audio and captions and arrows to the layer. You'll also not be able to use the Insert->Mouse feature to a layer.

Is there a reason that you need layers rather than separate slides?

Kevin Kovalsky

Hi - I am very new to instructional design (by trade I'm a project manager) and articulate. My separate slides are: recorded screen and audio explaining how to perform steps, A, B, C and mirroring the recorded screen. I was concerned about transition from slide to slide and thought it might not flow well, so I thought layers might be easier and look better. I will give separate slides a shot and see if it flows well.

One other question...does articulate give the end-user the ability to pause audio/recorded screen...I only see previous, next, and submit buttons


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kevin and welcome to Heroes!

If you enable the seekbar within your player, you'll have the option to play/pause the slide's timeline and there is some other information here on how to pause the slide's timeline.

Additionally, you may want to review the method here on how to create an on screen play/pause toggle.

Hope that helps!

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