Adding score from a custom interaction to the Result slide

I have created a custom interaction (question with multiple options) I didn't use the quiz templates. How can I make the score from my interaction be added to my Result slide. My custom interaction doesn't appear on the list from Calculate result for Selected Questions.

Thanks in advance,


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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Veronica and welcome to the community!

I found a pretty helpful thread - but keep in mind that the suggestions do contain some JavaScript code. I'm not entirely sure if that's something you'll be able to use in your project, but if so, this may do the trick

Another option would be to add it as a data entry field, instead. Then, you'll be able to select text instead of numeric, but you'd still be able to retrieve the data using the suggestion that Ashley shared. 

Good luck with the project!



Alesandra Blakeston

Hi Veronica,

Just saw your question.  I realize that my answer is very very late, but I think I managed to solve your issue.  You can access the file here:

I created a custom interaction myself using buttons and drop down menus.  On the submit button I created 2 triggers.  If one of the drop downs had the wrong response, then it would change the variable DDScore to "Unsend".  If all of the drop downs were correct, then it would change the variable DDScore to "Send".  I then created a second page using a normal fill in the blank question.  I set the interaction to submit as soon as the timeline starts.  I also added another trigger.  This on set the TextEntry variable of the fill in the blank question to be the equal of the DDResults variable as soon as the timeline starts.  Those 2 things automatically answer the fill in the blanks question for the trainee.  The results page then scores the fill in the blanks question based on what the trainee responded for the custom interaction.

Anyway - I know it's probably too late, but since Ashley's response helped me to work out how to score my custom interaction, it seemed only fair to post the results!

Hope it helps (and makes sense.)

Margharita Nehme

Help - I'm a variable novice! I have a custom slide on which users would check an acknowledgement box. I would like that checked box to be the completion trigger.

I created a variable named 'acknowledge', set to false. Then a trigger to set to true when timeline starts if checkbox is selected. Is this correct? sufficient? seems like I need a scoring system?

Added a results slide - what do I do next to link the two?

Thank you.

Margharita Nehme
Leslie McKerchie

Right. Did you check out the article I shared above? Again, your slide 1.3 is right there and the result slide is right there :) 

I'll look again to see if I can show you the example.

I added a results slide but this is where I got stuck _ wasn't sure how to link the two.

Leslie McKerchie

Hey Jan,

I was able to open the link above, download the zip file, upload to Tempshare and found that it is blank. Without the .story file, I'm not sure what may be happening there.

This thread is a bit dated and I'm not sure that Alesandra is still subscribed here, but looks like she does not have the option to Contact her available.

Feel free to share what you'd like to create so that someone in the community can pop in to help you out.