Adding scores from custom interactions to Storyline's in-built Results slide

Jun 22, 2017


I'm building an automated exam module. The client has requested some very specific scoring on some of the questions, so I've had to create some custom interactions. I now have a mixture of custom interaction and Storyline quiz templates in the module. I've created a Results slide and the Storyline questions have appeared in the list, as expected. I would like to take the scores from the custom interactions and add them to the Result slide, so they count as part of the final score. Is it possible to do this?

My other option is to go back and rework the Storyline questions into a custom format and then create a custom Results slide. I'm not too far into the build, so it will not be too much of an issue, but I'd rather not have to do the rework!

I'd like to find out which option is best before I proceed further with the build.

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