Adding SCROM2004 <imsss:objectives> in imsmanifest for Plateau LMS

Jan 09, 2014


We built a few Storyline modules for a client who's using Plateau LMS. The were some errors detected and the LMS vendor advised that we would need to include 'Objectives' in the imsmanifest file. We are exporting the modules to SCORM2004 2nd Edition and use the quiz results for tracking.

The LMS vendor advised, to fix the error the imsmanifest would need to contain the following lines inside the <imss:sequencing> tags:

<imsss:rollupRules objectiveMeasureWeight="1.0000" />
            <imsss:primaryObjective satisfiedByMeasure="false" objectiveID="Results" />

My question is: could these Objectives tags be generated within the Storyline software itself prior to publishing the .STORY file - in some property settings somewhere? Or do we need to edit the imsmanifest Template so we won't need to edit it manually after publishing each time (i.e. on my computer it's in C:\Program Files (x86)\Articulate\Articulate Storyline\Content\scorm_2004_2nd\imsmanifest.xml)?

Look forward to your input.

Thank you.

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Dennis Hall

Hi Anglia:

The issue you face may be completely avoided if the LMS supports SCORM 1.2.

There are other issues related to cache that make SCORM 2004 2nd. Edition unattractive. See my other threads to see details.

My people publish to SCORM 2004 simply because they think their course needs it, when most times, the functions in the course are all supported by SCORM 1.2 and publishing to 2004 (any version) has no added benefit, and in fact, can de detrimental due to the way it passes information (cmi.suspend_data) to the LMS.

Typically, any LMS that supports SCORM 2004 will also support 1.2.

Hope this helps.

Best Regards,

Dennis Hall

Paul Shorr

LMS administrator is having trouble getting SuccessFactors to properly record a Failed quiz with both Presenter 13 and Storyline 1 when published for SCORM2004 4th Edition.  It is a long, single SCO course and must use SCORM2004 4th Edition only to accommodate the resume data.  No other SCORM2004 features such as sequencing are used.  I see two instances of the <imss:sequencing> tags in the Storyline output, neither of which contain any reference to objectives.  Is there any further information about what SuccessFactors (Plateau) might need to process a failed quiz result in SCORM2004?

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