Adding Several Questions to One Slide

Jun 27, 2012


I would like to create a slide in which the viewer can input several different numeric answers, into something such as a chart or a graph, before clicking submit. Is there a method to do this? I cannot figure out how to add more then one question or answer box onto one individual slide. Setting up a new quiz slide for each item the viewer needs to input is tedious because the user has to submit each answer individually instead of inputting everything on one slide and then hitting submit.

Hope you can help!


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Fiona Quigley

Hi Morar,

Could you say a little more - do you have a screenshot that you could show of how you want the page to be laid out?

I think you could build this by yourself using the data entry field. You can then evaluate each field using a trigger to check which is the right answer. You can also add your own Submit button so that when it is clicked, it evaluates the answer.

Best wishes,


Doug Rice

Hi, Morar.

I was working on this very thing last week and found a great solution. I came across an easy technique from Jeanette Brooks. Basically, you set up a Pick One quiz question to change the state of a button when the learner fills out each of the data entry fields correctly. The Submit button then checks the state of that button and displays the appropriate feedback. Check out Jeanette's tutorial for all the details.

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