Adding slider in storyline without the blur...

Placing an image on a slider in Storyline
1. I have created the image to be inserted with a maximum width of 2048 pixels.
2. Initially I inserted the image as an image onto the storyline slide.
3. This image when placed in storyline automatically scales to the size of the page.
4. I then resize the image to 2048px wide
5. I inserted a slider and made the dimensions 3333px wide and the height of the page.
6. next step was to visually scale the thumb height to the same as the inserted image as in ‘2’ above.
7. I replaced the thumb on the slider by inserting the same image.
8. I rechecked visually the scale of the thumb image to the same size of the inserted image as in ‘2’ above.
9. Aligned the slider to the centre of the page.
10. Then previewed the page.
11. When the cursor is on the preview image and moving from side to side, the image is as sharp as the inserted image '2'.
12. When moving the cursor off the screen, the thumb image goes slightly out of focus.
13. This is the closest I have to a focussed image.
My question is…Can the thumb image remain in focus when the cursor moves off the page?

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