adding speak to multiple choice

Oct 03, 2012

While I am still quit new on story-line, excuse me if my question already is answered. 

I have made a graded Multiple choice, added speak to the question and possible answers.

That goes all well, but when the answers are shuffled in previed, teh speak no longer follow the possible answers.

I can not find any way to ad speak directly to the possible answers.

Is there a way to do this?

BR Per

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Mike Enders

If you're looking to have audio attached to each option for the individual to click on during the answer phase, Jeanette has a great idea.  You could make a regular slide where you have, say, 4 radio buttons with an audio only marker next to each.  Group each marker with it's associated button.  Then convert the slide to a freeform>Pick one.  And the turn shuffling on.

Hope this helps!


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