Adding Splash page - then having timer for course

I'm using Storyline 2. Currently I have an interaction that lasts 15 minutes on a timer. Students enter, and the timer counts down. After the time is up they are booted to a final page. Here's what I'm looking to do:

  1. Add a splash page (with no timer). Once the student clicks a button the timer is triggered and the 15 minutes begin to countdown.
  2. After the student is brought to the final page (diagnosis summary) they have another timer (5 minutes) to review the article.

Is this possible? I don't have any quizzing actually happening in the course.

Right now I have a result slide that starts a timer with the first slide but I haven't been able to figure out how to do the two items above. Help?

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Broderick Lemke

Hi Tyler! 

On the results page settings I was able to change the start timer from "With first slide" to "With first question" When I did so I was able to put an intro slide and then include a question slide to start the times. You could even hide the question slide off-screen and change the navigation so the user has no clue. 

I attached a storyline file with this technique.

Tyler Moore

I'm still struggling a bit. I've added a question and did as you said but the timer is not showing in the player. I'm not sure what quiz I should be adding in this scenario. I just want a button to be displayed and when the user clicks it takes them to the first slide - starting the timer. Should this quiz have it's own results slide apart from the timer for the entire course?

Broderick Lemke

I have to run out of the office for today, but I hope that this Peek video can help you out! I hope it can at least give you a starting place! Sorry for no audio, no mic on this computer but I tried to demonstrate the settings I used. 

Tyler Moore

Broderick, how would I add another timer at the end for 5 minutes? The way I have it set up now is as follows:

  1. Splash welcome screen with button
  2. 18 minute timer applied to all (well most) content. At timeout directs to results slide (instructions to review for 5 minutes). This should be another timer.

Should I redirect when users are brought to the results slide to another mock question? As I understand it I have to have a "fake" question slide plus a results slide that is linked to it for each timer. 

Broderick Lemke

Yeah. I would have the results slide auto advance when the timeline ends for the results slide and move that on to the next slide. To make sure learners don't sit on the first results slide I'd get rid of the navigation on it so it auto advances to the second mock question to start your next timer. 

Tyler Moore

Hi Robert, I used the built in timer described through the instructions by Broderick above. The timer is in the player. I was able to make it a little bigger by adjusting the font size. In order to create timers like this I had to trick Storyline into thinking they were linked to questions (though they weren't). Broderick posted a helpful video above if you'd like to refer to that.

Tyler Moore

I thought I had it figured out, but no matter what I do the first timer always goes to the last results slide. I don't think it's possible to do multiple. I have another results slide and mock question, however it always skips it when the time on the first timer expires.