Adding stars to correct responses

Hi all-  A client would like to have a star appear next to any correct responses in a multiple response quiz.  She wants users to get two attempts and have any stars from the first attempt remain on the screen during the second try.  I've tried playing with the variables and adding layers but having no luck.  Any suggestions of how to accomplish this would be great.  Thank you!

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Joni -- In addition to the information Wendy shared, I thought I might stop in to pass along a similar discussion related to the use of Stars when answering correctly in case you would like to take a look. Or if you need more project-specific advice, please use the grey ADD ATTACHMENT button to upload your file and hopefully your fellow community members will have lots of great ideas to assist. :)

Joni Grove

Thank you for the discussion thread.  I was able to add the stars to the Incorrect/Correct/Try Again layer using variables but cannot get them to stay/appear on the base layer after the first attempt, as the client would like.  Any advice would be great!

Also, this may sound dense, but how do I upload the files?  Do I have to publish first? 

Thank you for helping this newbie out!