Adding tabs in a Media interaction - Storyline 2

Feb 09, 2016

Hi All

I am using the Media interaction template in Storyline 2 and and having trouble adding additional media tabs.

If I duplicate a layer to add another tab - the contents of the base layer shows up underneath - and if I check the "hide objects on base layer" I lose the tabs

If however I duplicate the base layer, it adds all the objects and still when I amend the texts, everything on the base layer shows underneath. Checking the "hide objects on base layer" sorts this issue, however looking at the settings of the included tabs, this box is not checked!

What am I doing wrong?... how do I add a tab so all the settings are the same as the template tabs?




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Wendy Farmer

Hi Patricia

I duplicated Media 7 layer and called it Media 8.  I added the image for Media 8 by replacing the image that was there for Media 7.I then went to the timeline and turned off the Base layer text Welcome and the base layer main text. I haven't properly aligned the icons along the bottom in my quick sample.


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