Adding text slide show in Storyline

Jan 29, 2020

Hi there I was trying to figure out how to create something in Storyline that we can do in Rise.

Its the slideshow look of using arrows to fly in an info boxes left and right.
Here is an example.

The animation is located under menu item Our Sales Process. It shows the different steps of a sales process. You can navigate with the black arrow shapes.

I tried creating each "slide" of the slideshow in a separate layer and have them fly in with Fly In entrance animation. But once you choose the Fly In direction, you can't change it. In a slideshow the layer maybe flying in from the left or right.

Anyway, any suggestions would be gladly appreciated.


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Ned Whiteley

Hi Morris,

Unfortunately I can't get your example to open; however, hopefully these two examples may help.

In the first version, four arrows converge on the centre of the slide in sequence. Each arrow is on its own layer and each layer is called up at one second intervals (the first layer is triggered at the start of the timeline). Note that the Fly-in direction can be different on each layer and is controlled by selecting the object and then choosing an appropriate option in the Effect Options drop-down menu:


In the second version, exactly the same animation occurs, but, on this occasion, all the arrows are on the base layer of the slide and the appearance of each arrow has been set up on the timeline  (it could just as easily be triggered by a button selection, for example).

The thing to note is that, whether all the items are on separate layers or all on one layer, they can each be independently controlled to move in whatever direction you wish and at whatever time you wish them to move.

If you want to do even more fancy work, you could also use motion paths, which give you much more flexibility in how your object moves.

Hope this helps, but if you have any further queries, just get back to me here.

Morris Bonifaz

Thank you Ned, I'm afraid I did not explain my question very clearly. Let me try again. The file I'm testing is attached. I have the various steps on different layer. Once you are on Step 1 and you use the left arrow to go back to Start, the layer comes in from the left - good. Once I choose the right arrow to go to Step 2, Step 2 comes in from the right - good. Now if I'm on Step 2 and want to go back to Step 1, it comes in from the right, when it need to come in from the left. That is where my issue is.

I hope this is clear.

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