Adding Text To A Marker

Hi everyone!

I am fairly new to Articulate. I am working on a project and I am stumped. Originally I had created buttons but I couldn't really figure out how to add a textbox that would pop up with an explanation in it. So then I thought about adding the markers. The problem that I am having is I want to make the marker look exactly like the buttons I created, and replace all of the buttons with the markers so when the users clicks a button - the text box comes up explaining exactly what is covered under each specific button. Is there a way to add PT on to this marker so that it will look exactly like the buttons I have already created?

I have attached a screen shot to further explain.


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Kim Simmons

Great suggestions from Walt and Michael. I also lament not having a customizable marker. I have sent in a feature suggestion and hope you will do the same. The more input the better I think.

I've attached the link for your convenience...

Good luck with your modification.