Adding triggers reverses the scene order and the order of triggers cannot be changed

I have read both old and new discussion threads on issues with reordering triggers and understand that the order in which the scenes display in the Story view will not impact my project, but visually I would like to have the scenes in the correct order.

Based on the threads, I have tried to reorder in the trigger panel, but no arrow appears if my 'jump to' trigger related to an object is selected.

I have tried deleting and re-adding in reverse order, but that didn't work either.

Another observation is that the order of my triggers does not seem to directly relate to the order the scenes are displayed in the story view.

Are there any other methods for getting the triggers and therefore the scenes to be in the correct order?  Or is this not a trigger issue at all and something else entirely?



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Walt Hamilton

Here is a picture of some of my slides. Notice that #5,15,14,18, and 20 are not in numeric order from left to right.

As near as I can tell they are arranged according to the alphabetic order of the names of the objects that contain the triggers that jump to them.  I imagine it will work the same way with scenes, too.



If I take the button that jumps to slide 14 and have it jump to slide 15, and have 15's button jump to 14, slides 14 and 15 will change places in the story view.

New News: Actually, slide order in SlideView is dependent on the z-order of the objects that have the triggers attached to them. As SL builds the Storyview, it goes down the list of objects with triggers on a given slide. The first trigger's target slide is placed to the left in Storyview. If you can move those objects up and down on your timeline without damaging your slide appearance, the slides (and presumably) the scenes will change places. You may have to close slide view to see the results.