Adding triggers to audio on timeline for events

Nov 21, 2013

Can I add events to certain parts of a timeline for things to happen - so that someone can click on a button and go back to a certain point? And also - can I PAUSE and PLAY a timeline with my own custom pause and play buttons? I am trying to create a vignette on a timeline of images fading in and out but want the user to be able to pause them, replay them if need be and am having difficulty pausing/playing anything that isn't "media" - why can't you just pause the "current slide"?

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Susan Jones

I know how to "time" things on a timeline - what I wanted or was hoping to be able to do was after a timeline played to be able to click on the images that were displayed and send the playhead back to where they appeared on the screen so you could hear the audio again just from that part. I would have to create layers to achieve this affect though and cut up my audio track. Unless there is a simpler way?

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