Adding variable values across slides and referencing variable totals

Oct 03, 2020

Hello everyone,

I am building a simple quiz/survey where each question answer needs to "add" a value to it's respected variable that I have created. The survey will be 5 questions for 5 different categories and the users totals scores need to display or be "referenced" to on the results slide.  For some reason unknown to me, the way I am building it isn't working and the totals are not displaying on the results slide. I'm attaching my .story file and would LOVE any quick assistance on this so I can complete this project. 
Thank you!


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Walt Hamilton

I think it is possible you are having a timing problem. By that I mean when the Submit btn is clicked, the system runs through the list of triggers, but before it can do the checking about the state of the buttons, the last trigger jumps to the next slide, and the variable doesn't get set.

If you set the Submit button to jump to a layer, which sets the variable when its timeline starts, and jumps to the next slide at .25 sec, it seems to work. See question 1 on the attached sample for an illustration.

P.S. I had thought I had used an easier way to get it to work, but can't replicate that method. So my theory as to the cause may be wrong, but this method seems to solve it anyway.

Zsolt Olah

Hi Adam,

Your issue is a bug. You should report it to Articulate. 

Here's how you can fix it: 

1. Remove the Jump to next slide trigger on the Submit button. 

2. Add the trigger back to the Submit button.

That's it. Do it on both slides.

Apparently, you should add the jump trigger last, once you added all the other triggers for the button. It should not matter but it does. 

Also, a UX suggestion: extend the hot spot from the radio button over the text, so people can select the text as well. Naturally, people read the options and click the option they choose. Forcing them to go all the way to the beginning to click on the tiny radio button is extra brain work :) 

Walt Hamilton

Zsolt is right on target with his UX suggestion.

His suggestion for your triggers confirms my suspicion that there may be something more going on. I find things of a similar nature happen when things are copied, especially if you make a slide, and copy everything on it and paste it to a new slide. When that happens, things frequently become corrupted. Removing and replacing the same trigger will fix a corrupt trigger.

I wouldn't report it as a bug unless you can replicate it. By that, I mean fix it, then create a new slide from scratch, and create (not copy) new items, and get them to misfunction the same way as the original. Otherwise, you have some sort of corruption, not a bug.

If you can't reproduce it, and you  submit it to Articulate, it is a waste of your time and theirs. If they can't reproduce it, they can't fix it.

On the other hand, if you can create the jump trigger, then create the other triggers, and it doesn't work, then you delete the jump trigger and create it last, and it does work, then you have a reportable bug.

Two things to remember:

1. No trigger that appears after the jump trigger in the trigger list will be executed. (Not currently a problem in your project.)

2. Creating new materials may help you troubleshoot and find a bug; copying and pasting items will more likely result in object corruption, rather than a bug.

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