Adding video to timeline - problem with duration!

Hi there!

When I add a video on the timeline it always gets "show until end". I don't want that! I want the video to be exactly as long as it is. When I check off the "show until end" the video is too long and I can't se the actually duration. I have to manually check and adjust the lenght which is annoying and time consuming.

Any suggestions?

// Peter

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Emily Ruby

Hello Peter,

The Show until end will appear by default for inserted videos as the timeline will adjust to the length of the video. If you want the timeline to continue after the video, you will have to remove this, then you can extend the timeline further out as needed. If the timeline is already longer than your video, you would need to manually adjust the length.

You could add the video in as the first item so the timeline can then be adjusted, and not the video.

Peter Mattsson

I get it ... but I don't like it ;)

My main concern is that video behaves as eg a text layer that can be extended and shortened without knowing (or seeing) the actuall durartion. I would like it to appear as a fixed lenght with no possibility to adjust it on the time line ... as an audio file.

A request maybe?

// Peter


Gustaf Sylvin

I agree with Peter. This often leads to that the video is cut off too earliy in the preview. It is very hard to get control over the proper length on the timelime/video, even if the video is the first item you add to the timeline.

Anyone else experiencing this? Tips on how to handle it?



Walter Bosello


As I'm having the same issue, I'll request a feature where one can right-click on the video's layer and choose to "reset to original duration", if all of you concur.

I'll also request another feature, which is to "replace video" and/or "refresh video". I work with lots of videos in Storyline and I often get stressed out by the lack of these two features.

Best regards

Adam, McCash

One way I've found around this is to right-click on the video (in the stage area) and "edit" it.  This edit window shows the exact length ("total duration") of the video.  So although I'm still manually adjusting the end of the timeline sometimes, it's not too tough to adjust it accordingly.

Jonas Persson

I have noticed similar behaviour. I am building courses made up mostly of recorded video. Some of my imported videos (mp4) have been much longer then anticipated, e.g. a 299s long video is inserted as a 650s video. The last frame freezes and the counter just continues on. Mind you that I am Storyline beginner and might have missed something. I also wonder why Storyline can't show the duration. As pointed out above, using edit it is possible to see the correct length of the video, thus it should be possible to show duration on the seekbar?