Adding Vitals Simulation (Countdown Timer, JavaScript, Countup Timer, Quiz Question, Etc)

Oct 09, 2018

So, this took a while to figure it all out, probably longer than it should. It includes a lot of interaction and is ultimately a quiz question for the trainees. This is made in preparation for a hybrid class (in class training with LMS mixed in). 

The company, for which I work, uses an Electronic Health Record application called NextGen, and I wanted to create a slide question that was different than the normal A, B, C, D, or True/False questions out there that we currently use. 

I get there's a lot going on here, but coming from the EHR application to this, it looks pretty simple. 

Lining up all the triggers and variables was a bit tricky. I also used a similar version of the javascript that Christoph Krieger made a couple years ago, but quite a bit to fit my needs. 

This slide includes:

  • Javascript (countdown timer)
  • Countup Timer
  • Freeform multi-entry quiz question
  • State Changes
  • Layer alternation
  • Variable Usage
  • and more

Thank you for viewing. 

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