Additional Languages in Text to Speech

Hi Everyone

I am receiving lots of enquiries recently on creating learning with the convenience of the text to speech voice but in languages that are not currently featured in SL 360. For example Hindi and Bulgarian.

I have viewed posts from approx. 1 year ago that advised there was no current way to add additional language voices in SL360. Is this still the case?

Microsoft voices do support these languages so can SL use the microsoft voices for example or does anyone know is there another software that can be used to create the speech and then import it to SL 360?

Any advice would be most welcome



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Lauren Connelly

Hello Sandra!

I'm happy to help! I'm sorry that we don't have Hindi or Bulgarian in Text to Speech in Storyline 360. I've shared this with my team so that we can look at the potential of importing more languages. As a workaround, I'd recommend exporting the audio from Microsoft Voices and then import the audio in Storyline 360. I'll keep you updated in this discussion on the progress of this feature.