Additional problems with Tamil language in Storyline 2 since installing Windows 10

Nov 07, 2016

Hello there. I recently started this discussion about issues I was having with Tamil characters being corrupted in Storyline 2. That problem hasn’t been solved yet, but after installing Windows 10 I am having some new issues.

I recently installed Windows 10 on my work laptop and opened my Tamil course, and now the majority of fonts that were Noto Sans Tamil are now in a font called Vijaya. I didn’t even have the Vijaya font. (I do now.) I checked to see if Noto Sans Tamil was still installed, and it was. I have several versions of this course, and the problem was there for every version I tried, so it’s not just a corrupt file.

To see if this was a system-specific issue, I tried opening the course on my home computer, which has Windows 10 as well. I had the same problem. I also tried downloading a fresh copy of the course (it was translated by a vendor, so I was able to download a copy from their server) onto my home computer and when I opened it, it had the same issue.

I tried experimenting with changing some of the text in the course to Noto Sans Tamil, saving, closing, rebooting, and reopening and they seem to have stayed as Noto Sans Tamil, but I don’t know if that will stay or change to Vijaya again at some point.

The second issue I am having (rather a big one) is that many of the text boxes appear to no longer be selectable or editable. I click on them and nothing happens. This also happens when I click on those items on the timeline.

Any ideas about these issues? I know that Tamil is probably not that common of a language, so it may not come up much. However, our organization uses it. With these issues, and the corrupt character issue, Tamil doesn’t seem to function in Storyline 2.

Tamil is one of the (many) languages used by our organization. Storyline 2 is by far my preferred authoring tool, but if we can’t get it to work in Storyline 2, we may be forced to use a different authoring tool that better supports Tamil.

Any ideas, advice, etc. would be appreciated. Thanks so much!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Wendy,

It sounds as if the Windows 10 update you did installed a new font for you to use with the Tamil language? Neither of those are fonts familiar to me in Windows 10, and as Leslie mentioned in the other thread it's something that our team is investigating in terms of the character issue and we do recommend the Arial Unicode font, but perhaps with these new issues it would be helpful if you could share a copy of your project file and the font files with our Support engineers? 

Wendy Jaehnig

Thanks so much for your prompt response Ashley. 

The Vijaya font was not installed on either computer (work or home). It wasn't listed with my fonts, and when I installed it myself, and it did not tell me the font was already installed. But it is a Microsoft font, so I agree that the update to Windows 10 had something to do with it.

Unfortunately, with the Arial Unicode MS as the Player Font, we see corrupt characters (as we do with any fonts I've tried thus far). The fonts have been better when published to HTML5, but our learners use Internet Explorer, and thus HTML5 is not an option.

I will send a copy of the project and font files to your support engineers. They will need to view it in a Windows 10 environment.

Thanks again!

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