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Dave Cox

Hi Matthäus,

It sounds like you are using the count slides feature to return a completion. This works great in most cases, but if you have optional slides that the participant may touch, it can throw the result off. 

To solve this, you could try this:

  1. Create a variable to count the required slides that a user must visit. Then add one to this variable on the user's first visit to each required slide.
  2. At the end of your course, add a true/false question, and a results slide. Use triggers to set the true false question to true if your variable has reached the required count, and another trigger to submit the results. These triggers should activate when the timeline starts.
  3. Then add a results slide to report the results to your LMS, with a trigger to continue to the next slide when the timeline starts.
  4. On both of these slides, set all elements on the timeline to appear after 1/4 second. These slides will be run in less than 1/4 second, and then move on, so this will have the affect of hiding the slides. 

Now when your participants visits the required number of required slides, you can pass a complete from the results slide to your LMS.