Additional Storyline Supported Characters and Clip Art?


I work for an organization that produces online training for a variety of federal and state funded health initiatives. One of the problems that I've found is that the installed character packs (illustrated and photographic) does not provide the optimal selection of demographically diverse options....especially when it comes to characters that represent youth...

Does anybody know of any organizations that are creating additional Storyline supported characters for use in courses? 


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Matt Cherry

Hi Michael,

Thanks, I have seen those. And we actually own Volume 1 of the photographic character bundles. However, we've found that our funders focus more on the specific look, age, race of characters than almost anything else after accuracy of content. I was hoping to find more options, specifically with multiracial and multiage characters. 

I had found this site: but they only offer monthly subscriptions, which is difficult for us with grants that do not have an indefinite timeline. I'm hoping I can find a library of characters that is a one-time purchase.

Thanks again for you feedback,