Additional Variables for Results Slides

Hello all,

I have a course with a final quiz. The quiz has 10 questions. I would like the scoring to go roughly as follows:

1-4 points - Show layer "Not good"

4-7 points - show layer "Average"

7-10 points - show layer "Awesome!"

How do I add variables to my quiz to tell Articulate that when the score is between 1-4 show Slide Layer "Not Good", when the score is between 4-7 show the Slide Layer "Average" and when the score is between 7-10 show the Slide Later "Awesome!"

I currently seem to only be able to have Two slide layers, one which is "Greater than Results.PassPoints" and one that is "Less than Results.PassPoints". Although I do see an option for "between" so I asssume what I would like to do is a possibiltiy...

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated. If I haven't explained clearly enough let me know and I'll attempt to clarify further.



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Phil Mayor

Hi Nicole

You should be able to add layers with slide level triggers to show the layer based on a condtion of the results points.

I would choose a range of 1-3, 4-7, 8-10 or else your range will ensure two layers are visble at 4 and seven.

Just add another layer and you could just duplicate the slide level trigger


Nicole Legault

Thanks Phil.

I actually followed the directions on this link: for creating number variables and I created my variables and added them in, and now my three option slides seem to be working.

Good point about the ranges overlapping with my previous points... thanks!

Articulate is so easy to use!!