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Sep 26, 2017

I notice that the first time we visit the html5 link on the mobile device (phone) that the course launches full screen. If we access the course again, the address bar shows up and takes up screen space. 

Is there any way to keep this address bar from appearing? I thought the solution might be clearing the history in the browser, but that only seems to be working some of the time.

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Ali Goulet

Hey Dragoo!

Where are you accessing the course from? Is it hosted in a learning management system, or right on the web?

When I did a quick test on iPhone with a course hosted on the web, the address bar shows in portrait view whenever the course is accessed and is hidden when turned to landscape. 

Are you experiencing something different than that?

Gulch Design Nashville

Yes, we see the address bar in landscape as well as portrait. But sometimes it's not there and the course is full screen. Pretty sure it's only full screen the first time we access the link. After that the address bar shows up. Don't understand why it's there sometimes and others not.

Just viewing in a web browser  - not an LMS.

Ali Goulet

Hey Dragoo!

Hmm, that does sound different from the behavior I'm seeing. 

Can you share your .story file here so I can do some testing with it? You can add it as an attachment right to a comment in the thread.

Also, I have a couple more questions to help with my testing:

  1. What mobile device are you using and what OS is it running? I was testing on an iPhone 6 running iOS 11.0.1 in my previous response- let me know if you're using something different.
  2. What mobile browser are you using when testing? The behavior I was describing was when I tested in Mobile Safari. 

Keep me posted! 

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