Adjust car's speed on the fly - can you guess how this was done?

I was playing around with some new ways to combine Storyline's functions and I think I came up with something quite neat.

Move the slider and you can adjust car's speed on the fly. Can you guess how this was done? :)

Click here and try for yourself.

EDIT: Source file uploaded for your curiosity. :)

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Nejc Žorga Dulmin

Hey, Tom, thank you for the video, that was fun to watch. :) You are basically correct, of course, only difference is, I add the value of the second slider directly to the first slider (so instead of add 1 to slider 1, the trigger is add Slider 2 to Slider 1).

There is another trick for smooth movement of the car that I use, which is using two objects looping instead of just one, so the second one starts at 0.05 sec, and then they interchange and you get a counter every 0.05 sec instead of 0.10 sec.

If you want to hear me go into details, I explained this at the beginning of the 6th episode of The eLearning Guys: