Adjust color of hover-glow for quiz response buttons?

I've got nice turquoise centers/checkmarks for the response buttons in my multiple-choice questions. When I hover over a response, the entire response is highlighted by a light lavender, which is acceptable given the design.

Alas, the highlighting also includes a red glow around the response button, and I can't figure out how to change that. Does anyone know?

FYI: I've got a custom color palette, and the hover-red appears to be taken from Accent 5. I also customized the player colors, but never used red anywhere, so it doesn't seem to be a player setting...

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Daniel Brigham

Hi, Judy: you change change that by going up to "colors" on the far right, selecting the color them you are using, and changing the color of "control 1" to whatever color works. See below. Also, are you working with a color theme that you established? If not, that's a good idea. (Go up to colors, all the way down at bottom select "Create new color theme") Let me know how it goes. --Daniel

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Judy,

Just popped in and saw your comment, Yes, I agree that Accent 5 controls that glow around the M/C option buttons. I "ran through" a few of the built-in Color Themes, beginning with the Default Office one, and noticed that, as in this screen shot, all the "Accent 5's" were taken from that Theme Color top row. I wondered if that might help you to find a more satisfactory color to go with your scheme.