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Apr 10, 2019


I have created 3 drag and drop questions in free form and want to be able to adjust a variable on the condition that the learner gets all the drag and drop options correct in the slide. I can only see and option to adjust variable when 'object 1' is dropped on correct 'object A', but i can't seem to add the conditions that only if 'object 2' is dropped on 'object B' and 'object 3' is dropped on 'object C'.

I am using Storyline 2.

Is this possible?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Amy 

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Ned Whiteley

Hi Amy,

I use Storyline 360, but I think this solution would also work on Storyline 2.

What I have done is to create True/False variables for each of the three drag and drop items and a fourth True/False variable that changes to True when the submit button is pressed, provided the other three variables are all true (see conditions for AllDropsCorrect variable).

In the attached example, the correct drop box for each triangle is the one directly opposite it. You will see that this is correct as the variable will change next to each drop box when an item is dropped on it. As you will see, once all three are True, the AllDropsCorrect variable will remain as False until you select the Submit button, at which point it will change to True.

Hope this helps.

Amy Conboy

Hi Ned, 

Thank you for your help.

I currently have mine set up as number variables to change to 1 when then correct answer is submitted but i will try this true/false method now. Unfortunately I cannot open your attachment as it is made in a new version of Storyline. Would you mind screenshotting the conditions for AllDropsCorrect?


Ned Whiteley

Hi Amy,

My apologies, I should have thought of that one! The three screen shots below show the variables, the triggers and the conditions relating to changing the AllDropsCorrect variable:

Whether you use True/False or number variables is up to you (you can just as easily change the AllDropsCorrect variable to 1 when all the other variables equal 1), but I personally find True/False variables are easier to follow and sound more logical when dealing with just two options).

Note that, because you are only showing a new layer rather than jumping to a new slide when the submit button is selected, the trigger order is not so important. However, if you were jumping to a new slide, it would be essential to have the adjust variable trigger above the jump to next slide trigger, otherwise your variable would not be changed.

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