Adjusting built-in project.progress variable upon restart course

Hello everyone,


I have used the project.progress built-in variable and it work fine the first time around. However, once I hit the restart course button (restart course trigger included, also all slides are set to reset to initial state too) it still shows the progress from the first round, as the variable is set automatically and I can't find a way to set it to zero/ reset it/ adjust it.


Any ideas on how to fix this would be greatly appreciated! :)


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Jan Lua

Hi Alexandra,

I understand that your slides are taking off where they were previously left despite using a restart course button. This may be due to the "When visiting" slide property being set to "Automatically decide" instead of "Resume saved state" which would be best if you want the slide to resume or be reset with the reset button. I hope I got that correctly.

In case I didn't, here is the slide property guide for convenience:

Slide Property guide

Let me know if that helps. 

Alexandra Velicu

Hi Jan,

As mentioned in the initial comment, all slides are set to reset to initial state upon revisiting.

However, this doesn't seem to apply to built-in variables and I couldn't find any way of adjusting those, specifically the project.progress built-in variable.

Any ideas on how to adjust the project.progress built-in variable to reset to zero?

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Bob Mongiovi

I know you can add a trigger to adjust variable and then choose the Project.Progress built in variable, but there are two issues with this.  One, I try to add 1 to the total, which works, but it does not display the % (percent) sign anymore.  And two, it only works where the trigger exists.  It doesn't reset it, it just changes it for that slide, then goes back to the previous value when going to another slide without that new trigger.

Would be nice to be able to change this, as sometimes, I have branching courses, and I want to be able to just mark 100% on the last slide.