Adjusting feedback layers

Hello! I'm working in SL 360, currently revising some courses built in SL2.

The feedback layers on the question slides do not match the feedback masters--font changes and color changes. Rather than go through each question slide for the large number of courses I'm revising, I thought I would adjust the feedback layer--but the changes do not carry over. Fonts and colors do not change as they should.

So I made a new feedback master and applied that layer to the question slide to find that the fonts and colors do not match the new feedback master.

Any suggestions?

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Sara Scherba

Sorry, can't upload it. I talked to support yesterday and they were able to help me fix the font color issue by creating a new feedback master, deleting everything off of that, then copy/pasting elements from the original feedback master on to the new one. Then we applied the new feedback master to each feedback instance individually, but the font was still wrong.

The SL2 file may have some bug that prevents the feedback masters from making changes to the feedback layers, even in the new masters.