Adjusting max score in a quiz

Hey everyone,

I just finished a quiz that contains 11 freeform questions. Each correct answer by default gives the learner 10 points - so the maximum score of my quiz (Results.ScorePoints) is 110 points.

Now, 110 is a strange number to end on, I'd rather have a max score of 100 points. I know I can adjust the points each correct answer adds, but 100: 11= 9, a very uncomfortable number to work with. 
Is there any way to tell SL to adjust this automatically? 


Thank you!

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Ina,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing your concerns about the total points within your course.

There is not a way for you to set the max points for the course within Storyline outside of manually as you mentioned.

The passing of a course is determined via a percentage as is the user's score, so no need for those points to be a certain number.

For example:

  • Course has 11 questions at 10 points each and 110 total points
  • Course requires a passing score of 80% or 88 points
    • User gets 8/11 questions correct and gets 80/110 or 73%
    • User will need to get 9/11 (90/110 and 82%) questions correct to pass.