Adjusting resolution?

Jan 04, 2018

I have a Storyline 2 course that was created by another developer and then I was called upon to make some revisions and re-upload to Moodle.  Upon initial publishing, the client requested that the course be modified to fill the browser window.  Once I changed that setting, though, the images became a bit blurry.  Is there a way to resolve this?


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Katie L.

Sorry, I misspoke.  It's not images that are blurry, it's text.  Even the "resume where you left off?" text.  It's as though it's being stretched.  I originally had the course set to display at user's current browser size, then I tried resize browser to optimal size. I think it maybe got a little better, but it's still nowhere near as crisp as it is in the Storyline software.  Any suggestions?

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