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Ivana Vayleux

Hi, I have a similar problems with quiz review layout:

1/ I would like to change the colour of correct and incorrect in quiz review layout (Where do we do that?)

2/ I have my correct answers  squished when reviewing the quiz (question type matching drop-down).How do we arrange them so the learner can  see the correct answer?

Any idea how I can arrange those layout issues? 

In attachment the screenshot. Thanks so much in advance for your help.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Ivana,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing the image here with us. 

There isn't a way to edit the Review correct/incorrect colors, although we have seen users build their own custom review layers to make the modifications there. 

As for the way the answers are showing in the quiz review, we've seen that in a few earlier updates of Storyline. Can you share which version and update of Storyline you're using and a sample of the slide from your .story file so that we can take a look? 

Ivana Vayleux

Hi Ashley,

That's pitty for editing Review correct/incorrect colors.  OK, I'll learn how to do it with this tread https://community.articulate.com/articles/creating-custom-review-layers-for-storyline-question-slides

I'm using Storyline 2. I'm not sure for the updates. I have bought it recently . Please find the sample slide in attachment for answers showing in the quiz review.

Thanks a lot in adavance,




Alyssa Gomez

Hi Ivana,

I took a peek into your file, and I can see the behavior you're describing.

I know that our QA team has had this issue on our radar for awhile. I'll include this thread as a part of our report so that we can share any updates here once there is additional information. In the mean time, you can try editing the Post-Quiz Review feedback and Review layer, as per this blog.