Adjusting the Results variable

Aug 22, 2014


I'm setting up a course in Storyline and at the very start of the course I want to ask people a question about their role. If they answer Yes I'd basically like to show them a document and they can exit the course and their status is updated to completed.

Here's the rub - if a learner answers No then they need to go through the content and complete an assessment. Completion for them based on successfully completing the assessment i.e. >80%.

I was hoping I could adjust or manipulate the results variable for those who click the button at the start (give them a score of 99, so I can track the different groups). Seems the results variable is off limits???

Guessing the answer may lie in the realms of Javascript if so be gentle I'll need it spelt out!!

Be over the moon if anyone could help.


Craig (an aussie in sunny scotland)

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Garth Yorko

I attached a file, it may be easier to see what I did than me explain.

For the intial question the correct response points are 80. I create a second page that has to triggers that launch on page start. If Point is 80 or more, go to the results slide. If it is less than 80, go to the first page of training.

After the training is the final exam. Each question is worth 20 points. Successful completion of the exam requires a 50% success. So, if the get 80 on the first question, they pass, if they gget 0 on the first question, they must andwer the reiamining questions correctly to pass, you can fudge the numbers a little and adjust that pass precentage.

Hope this help ro provuides you with a couple of ideas how to address it.

Craig Murphy

Garth, awesome work, think this should do the job. I might add another layer into the results slide and a trigger based on score (perhaps make the 'first' questions worth 99) and try and make this not look like a results slide don't want the users who've been through no content/no quiz to see what looks like a results slide.

Thank you!!