Adjusting the story size "height" using javascript

I would like some assistance in identifying the player variable related to story size: height so that I can manipulate the value using a JavaScript trigger. 

My task involves creating an interactive drag and drop flowchart as an activity and I require more screen space to do this. I tried using the scrolling panel but the drag and drop function does not work correctly in a scroll bar. If I know the right variable I can trigger the height to change on the slides needed and then return to the default size on other slides.

Regards, Dave

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Dave,

We don't support accessing things like the system variables as Brian mentioned, and I'd caution you in terms of changing the story size variable throughout the course, as I can't say what would that look like in terms of slide content.

Although staff can't offer specifics and support in relation to Javascript, it is something the community often can weigh in on. You could also look at the best practices outlined here.