Adjusting the template to return to where I left off on the main page.

Hi there,

I'd like to use this template and have encountered an issue. I've added triggers to jump to certain slides when the user clicks the text box on the menu. That is fine. But once it takes me to the page and I click "R" for return, it sets the slide back to the beginning. I have gone into my slide properties and set it to resume saved state however, I then seem to lose some of the triggers that adjust the states of the boxes and some boxes aren't showing. Is there anyone that can offer a work around or suggestions.


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Parashuram Vhaval

Hi Gillian,

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When you press back/previous button, it returns you to last visited slide and not immediate previous slide. To avoid this you need to adjust trigger for going previous slide, you can define immediate previous slide number.

"jump to slide "Last Slide number here
when user clicks previous button"

gillian thompson

Thanks for that, much appreciated however I forgot to add that trigger and my query is a little more technical than that. I need to go for say slide 1.4 "why be a mentor, to the page and then return to the main page where I left off....... it keeps going back to the beginning so my users have to scroll again from the start. I hope I make sense.