Adjusting variable based on text entry box values

Aug 09, 2013

I have a simulation setup from a screen recording slide in test mode.  I had to delete the interaction due the interactions and original quiz variables due to a need to customize the simulation.  I am trying to add a point to my variable %totalscore% if the user enters any of the acceptable values for a text entry field (Cost) on the slide and then clicks on a hotspot (the Save button).  However, it never adds the point.

I think it might have something to do with the order of triggers and that the variable for the text entry field is not set until it looses focus.  Does anybody know a work around or see something that I'm missing?  Here's a screenshoot below.

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Dustin Norwood

Hmm... I've uploaded copied the slides over to a new project, and it's still having the issue.  I've uploaded it.  At the bottom of the slide there is a text box that displays the %totalscore% variable.  Notice that it doesn't change when you enter the text entry and click save.  If the enter equals 50 it should be +1 and if it doesn't it should be -1.  Thanks for trying to help.

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