Adjusting Variables on a per click basis

May 02, 2013

Hey guys,

I've got a situation I seem to find myself in more often that not as of late.  I have a typical course, with a multiple choice question.  

I have a variable called:


As the user clicks  a wrong choice (in this example, we will say there are 5 choices) I want to increase the variable  - Add - +1 when user clicks - wrong choice.

Then if its correct I want the user to see the correct layer and proceed.

Anyone have a nice and easy way of implementing this?  As of right now, I have to individually click on each multiple choice option and increment the amount, which is not ideal by any means.  I would like to have the variable be aware of when a wrong choice is selected and be able to simply paste that in each slide of the course.



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jason rector

Hey Antony,

No problem at all.  So the issue that the MCQ (Multiple Choice Question - I assume) doesn't address is that I have 12 slides with all different questions and at any point in the course if you choose 3 incorrect questions out of say 7 total questions, I  will send you back to the beginning of the course content to review the content once again...  The total wrong variable will allow me to track how many answers you've chosen incorrectly.

So without this ability I've created a custom counter for this circumstance and want an easy want to copy / paste it through out other sections of my course(s).

Any ideas? 

Antony Snow

Ah, I see

Do the users only have 1 attempt at each MCQ (Multiple Choice Question)? If they do, I would have created 1 MCQ and added a trigger to the 'incorrect' layer that adds 1 to 'TotalWrong' when the timeline starts and then a second trigger that jumps to the start of the course when the user clicks 'next' on condition that 'TotalWrong' is equal to 3.

With the first MCQ set up this way, you would be able to duplicate the MCQ and the triggers etc. will carry forward - the variable applies to the whole course rather than a specific slide so it will update at any point you ask Storyline to do so.


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