Jul 12, 2016

Hello... it was brought to my attention an XML file generated when publishing contains multiple uses of a URL apparently tied to xAPI...

Can anyone tell me what this is? I have to assume it is automatically used because my course does not reference this URL.

Thanks in advance.

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Crystal Horn

Hi again Thomas!  :)  So I really had to put my reading glasses on for this one.  I didn't even know I needed reading glasses.

That language in your published output is automatically put there by Storyline.  When you publish for Tin Can API, the format has to follow a standard according to the Tin Can API protocol.  This document explains in detail on page 14:

A system reading a statement MUST NOT use the display property to infer any meaning from the statement, rather it MUST use the verb URI to infer meaning, and the display property only for display to a human.

So, when we say, the LMS is supposed to go to that URL and figure out the definition of module.  It's a standard that Articulate cannot change or eliminate, and you can't remove those URLs from your published output.

So, I know from your other discussion that you might have a problem with references to external URLs.  I would start with that explanation ^ and see where it takes you.

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