Admin control course content delivery?

This may be in left field, but I'm wondering if there is an "administrator" function in SL that would let an admin turn on/off some of the course modules for their institutions. Not all institutions use all the modules. I know this can be accomplished, but the client wants it delivered on a website. 

Maybe this could be accomplished using a cookie, but don't know if SL supports cookies. I appreciate your interest.

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Alexandros Anoyatis

Hi Steve,

Are the modules all part of a single .story file or separate?

If the latter is true then this should be controlled at website-level (show/hide modules on lists depending on institution).

If the former is true it might also be possible, but the way to do this is by checks inside the story file, not by cookies. Could you share some more info on your process?

Speaking of cookies, it is good practice never to rely on them, as you can't control which browser your users use, as well as if or when they will clean their browser cache.

Hope this helps,