Adobe Animate CC animations to Storyline 360

I have searched high and low for this topic and only found 1 old post. I am new to Storyline and developing some fresh and new eLearning projects for the company I work for.

I primarily use Adobe products but my work wants me to use Storyline as they do not want to spend on more for different software, which is understandable. Anyway onto my question.

Since Storyline 360 is new as of this year, am I some how able to bring over custom animations from Adobe Animate CC and import it to Storyline 360 as either an animation or an interactive animation?

To my understanding, SL2 involved some java scripting to get around this.

Please let me know if there is any tutorial out there for this, or somewhere in this community. I would gladly appreciate it.

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hussain panahi

hi mikel tan

did you find the answer of your question ?

still i am also searching for it. but mp4 or other format makes the size very big . so it needs to be very lite. actually i found one there is to export the file into html 5 then import it as a web object. please let me know if you have found any other solution 

thank you

Martika Cox

Hi Rasa,

Yes - it is possible to do this.

If you are importing to .gif, .bmp, .jpg, .png, .mov, .wav, or .avi these formats can be inserted into Rise as an image, video, or audio file.

For information on how to export these files click here.

If you have any more questions please reach out. I’d be happy to help.

Birgit Koerfer

Hi guys,

I was working on the same question and I found another solution to embed an HTML5 animation into Rise:

1) Open Storyline 360 and import your web object via the web object import function.

2) Publish your project to Review 360.

3) Open Rise.  Insert an interactive block in a project and select Storyline element. Now you can select Browse to Rise and open your Storyline project with the web object.


Bill McKee

Can you import a .OAM fiIe into Storyline 360?

I have a colleague who created an animation with Animate CC and imported it into Captivate. He asked me if I could import it into Storyline. I have seen numerous discussions on bringing in animations into Storyline but I couldn't find a simple yes or no as to whether it is possible to import an OAM file into Storyline.

If the answer is "Yes", please let me know how. Thanks.

Brian Bland-Clark

Took me all day, but I think I figured this out.

1. create animation in Adobe Character Creator

2. Export as PNG with wav files

3. import png sequence into adobe photoshop. Do this by opening the folder where the png files are located, select the first image, and then select the box that says "image sequence". make sure that the only files in the folder are the png files

4. In photoshop, now export this file as "save for web (legacy)"

5. this will be a transparent GIF file of your animation that you shot in adobe CC.

6. import the .gif file into your storyline presentation and then import the .wav file independently. The effect is a transparent animated character that has all of the audio that you recorded.

Downside: white blur around the character because it is 256 colors.

Eric Corso

My team and I were looking into getting Adobe Animate HTML5 content into Storyline and Rise. We ran into an issue with hosting as uploading to Review does not upload content, it is streamed. This broke the connection to the HTML files because web will not stream content from someone's hard drive, for obvious reasons.

The work around we found is to upload the folder containing the content to AWS S3 buckets. Create a free account, go to S3 and create a new folder. Select that folder and make sure to make the bucket publicly visible.

Now you can use the web link on your web object in Storyline. It now works with Review, and can be embedded as an interactive Storyline element in Rise.