Adobe Animate (Flash) HTML5 and Storyline 360 communication

Jan 06, 2020

When I am publishing my Adobe Animate project as an HTML5 project, what types of communication can I do outside of the web object from the Animate code?  Can I call storyline triggers?  For example, can I show the next button?  How about registering the web object as if it were a quiz question?


If any of this is possible, can someone share a bit of documentation or sample scripts that have been successful for them?

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Michael Anderson

I think the only officially supported operation is to change Storyline variables from within the web object. This is pretty easy to do. In the thread below I recently posted an example showing how to make a Storyline course embedded in a web object communicate with a parent Storyline course. You should be able to use the same javascript in the Flash course as I did in the child Storyline course.


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