Adobe Captivate Prime - feedback

Jan 30, 2016

Has anyone used Adobe Captivate Prime? We are currently using Litmos to host our Articulate Storyline mods however, serve latency is a big problem for us in Australia. Our courses will also be delivered to: New Zealand, South Africa, and Ireland. I believe Adobe has data centres around the globe. I'm wondering what your experience is in general and does it steam well in your country.

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Soren J Birch

I am evaluating it now. So far I have been unable to get any of my Storyline 2 modules published before I picked SCORM 2004 edition 4. So far my first module worked after a bit of testing.

I'd love to hear from others if it is worth spending more time on, the pricing seems fair compared to other comercially sold systems I have run across. I will add more comments as I dig around in this a little more.

Christie Pollick

Hi, Soren -- Thanks for reaching out! In the event that you do not hear back from Alex, I wanted to note that can always reach out via the 'Contact Me' link on his profile page to ask if he decided to use Adobe Captivate Prime and what his experience has been. Or hopefully, others can chime in with some additional feedback, as well. :)

Keithia Kirkaldy

hi Christie.  We are migrating to Captivate Prime.  We are hearing there are issues with courses from Storyline and Captivate.  Half of our team uses Captivate and the rest of us are die hard Storyline users.  Do you have a known list of issues?  We've heard things like the exit buttons not working and the players(articulate) skin (adobe) are not working and that adobe is strongly recommending HTML5 publishing settings.  Anything you could share would be invaluable.


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