Adobe Edge animation

Hi all,

Just discussed forllowing topic with another SL user and think it is a good idea to post it.

Sometimes the annimation possiblity is limted and Flash is no longer an option I think. The new Adobe Edge allows you to make annimations in HTML5. Does anyone know if you can import these animations into SL? And afterwards publish to for iPad?

I think it could be an interesting development. (or perhaps net issue SL could incorporate this feature)

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Stephen Thomas

Can storyline play an Edge Animate OAM file like Captivate can? If it could in the future you would not have to import it as a web-object and there would be no need to worry about playing the project offline.. If storyline can play other Adobe products like flash it should keep up with other Adobe products like Edge Animate.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Stephen,

I'm not familiar with the Adobe Edge Animations, but what file type are they exported or published in? Storyline can support inserting the follow video file/media types.  If you see that the type is not supported, you are welcome and encouraged to share your thoughts on including this in the form of a feature request here. 

Jonathan Arias

Hello David,

Yes, i got the adobe edge animation to play just fine.

make sure that under publishing settings, the web section, have "host runtime files on adobe cdn" unchecked, this way it can run offline.

save those with the storyline project files for your project, add the animation as a web object, now publish your articulate project, things will work on and offline. I do not know the answer to the LMS issue, adobe edge is not desing at the point to work with and LMS, so if you have a quiz you created on edge, the answers will go nowhere.. 

hope this helps.

David Sohriakoff

bummer, that's what i've been doing.The LMS answer is a little depressing to hear, because that's where my eLearnings need to live.

It's interesting... If i load a published Adobe Edge file independently it runs fine. However, when it is published and packagaged with Storyline (2), the LMS doesn't play the Edge slide