Adobe Ending Support of Flash

Regarding the email sent out earlier this week (see below):

We have moved on to Storyline 3 and 360, and publish everything new in those versions. We have also upgraded old Storyline 2 projects to Storyline 3 and republished. Everything that we have online on our LMS is currently taking exported in Storyline 3 and advantage of HTML5.

We do however have lots of old projects built in previous versions of Storyline that are not currently being used, and have not been upgraded to 3 yet as a result. Once support for SL1 and SL2 is dropped, will we still be able to open/upgrade these old projects to SL3 if needed, or will those old SL2 projects be unusable?

"As you may have heard, Adobe is ending its support of Adobe Flash at the end of this year.
Storyline 1, Storyline 2, and Studio ‘13 all rely on Adobe Flash to operate. As a result, we must sadly end support for these applications when Adobe discontinues its support of Adobe Flash on December 31, 2020. While you can use these applications even after Adobe ends its support of Adobe Flash, we don’t recommend it. Once Adobe stops patching Adobe Flash with security updates, computers with Flash installed will be vulnerable to security issues.
We wanted to give you plenty of notice so that you can prepare. Any projects you previously published to Flash will need to be republished to HTML5 before December 30, 2020, to continue working."

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Ren Gomez

Hi Eric,

Thanks for reaching out! And I'm happy to help clarify your question regarding the article mentioned above.

Although the end of flash will end our support for the legacy versions of Storyline and Studio (Storyline 1 and 2, Studio 09' and 13'), it will not affect the project files, so you'll still be able to open them with Storyline 3 and 360 to upgrade them even after the end of the year!

Vincent Scoma

Hi Kelly,

Happy to help here! 

The same does apply to Studio applications as well. Legacy versions of Studio (Studio '09 and '13) rely on Flash to operate, so we must sadly end support for these apps when Adobe disables Flash Players. Any projects created using those legacy versions can be updated/opened using Studio 360. 

For more details about these changes, please feel free to check out this guide here: 

Kelly Slade

Thank you, this was helpful but I need a little more specific clarification.

We revised a few trainings that were originally created in an older version of Presenter. Before we could make the revisions we had to update/convert the files to match 360. Are those trainings safe or should we re-publish them?

Vincent Scoma

Hi Kelly,

Of course! Happy to help provide further clarity here.

Republishing those courses would depend on which version of Studio was used. Here are some guidelines that I hope will help to see if those courses need republishing: 

  • Any course that was previously published to Flash will need to be republished to HTML5.
  • Courses that were published using the HTML5 output in Studio '13 will continue to work in Google Chrome and Safari. However, they won't work reliably in other browsers. 
  • Courses that were published using Studio '09 would need to be updated since this version doesn't publish an HTML5 output. 

We do recommend updating/republishing older course files since Studio 360 doesn't have any Flash dependencies, and the HTML5 output works in all major browsers.

I hope that helps, and please let us know if you have any questions!