Advance after all layers reviewed

I have a Media Interaction Slide that has a base layer plus 7 other layers. 

I would like the next button to be disabled until all layers are viewed. 

I currently added a trigger to change the state of the next button to Disabled when the timeline starts, however i cannot figure out how to prevent it to only be enabled after all of the slide layers have been clicked. 

Any suggestions?

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Jason Reed

Hi Latoya,

There's two options here.

If you view the layers in sequence, this should (hopefully) be a simple case of creating a trigger on the last layer that goes something like, "When timeline starts, change state of next button to normal."

If you can view the layers in any order, you'll need to create a number variable. Start it at 0 and when the user visits a layer, there needs to be a trigger to add a value of 1 to that variable. This way, the user will have to add a total of 7 to the variable to unlock the next button.

You'll just need a trigger that says, "Change state of next button to normal, when variable is equal to or greater than 7."

The equal to or greater than is important to use rather than just equal to. If a user revisits a layer, they would add extra points to the variable and the final trigger wouldn't work.

Let me know how this goes :)

Wendy Farmer

Hi Latoya

another way is to have 7 shapes offstage that have a normal and visited state.

Set a trigger on each layer to change the state of shape 1 to visited when timeline starts on layer 1 repeat for the other 6 layers

Then on the base layer set a trigger

change state of Next button to normal when state of all 'offstage shapes are visited'

Here is an example with 3 layers

Latoya Bailey

Thanks everyone!  After playing around with it I was able to set a variable which would disable the next button until the learner interacted with all components of the slide. 

I also added a layer with a trigger that would allow the layer to appear each time the next button was clicked prior to viewing all of the layers associated with the original slide.