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Hi there,

I am sitting here still since yesterday, playing with all kinds of storyline features.

Now I tried to build a course, that branches into five different parallel topics (slides) and than goes back to an end. The end, however, can only be viewed when all the other slides have been viewed.

I have made buttons and by clicking, you no not only advance to the five different branches, but also mark items as "visited". Than there is a trigger, which is triggered when all the five items are marked as viewed, to show a layer that allows you to proceed to the end.

I hope you get what I am trying to say here ;)

If you have an easy way to do this, can tell me what I am doing wrong or have a tutorial about this, please let me know!



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Nancy Woinoski

Ok Max, here is a thread that has an example of what I think you are trying to do. Take a look at the source to see if this helps you.

If not, let me know as there are lots of  other examples.  Or if you don't mind posting your source file, we can take a look and see where you are going wrong. Sometimes it is something as simple as having the triggers in the wrong order.  

Max Hilpert

Hi again,

I have an other question now; If I allow the user to also use the menu than he might see all the pages of the training, however will never click the buttons to advance....Than the "end" button will never appear and the learner gets frustrated.

Is there a way to make the button switch into "normal" status, if slides have been viewed? Or is my only option to disable the menu?



Nancy Woinoski

I'm not sure I follow exactly what you want to do - are you saying that you want the end button to appear based on having the slides viewed instead of when the user clicks all the buttons to the different branches?

You can do this, but you will have to use variables to check if each slide has been visited and then add a trigger to the end button that will change the state of the button to normal only if all the variables have been checked.

If this is what you want to do let me know and I can explain how to do this.

Nancy Woinoski

Hi, I see Lance has answered your question, but I'll provide a little more detail just in case you have not worked with variables.

Basically you need to create a unique variable for each slide you want counted. You create the variables by clicking the x looking symbol in the properties area.

These variables should be set up as true/false variables with the initial value set to false.

On each of the slides you want counted add a trigger that changes the value of the variable for that slide to true - you can set it up to trigger when the time line starts or ends. But if you just want to track that the user visited, I would set it to when the timeline starts.

Once you have done this for all the slides go to the slide that contains the button you wan to activate and add another trigger that changes the state to normal if all the values for the variables = true.  Not you se up this last part by clicking the contains for the trigger.

I hope this makes sense, I am on vacation right now and don't have access to storyline so am doing this from memory.